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We’re inviting all SME’s to Join us on our Net-Zero Journey. Here’s How… 

Calculating your carbon footprint is free, quick and easy why not join us here at Accuratus Green in saving our beautiful Planet?

Your business can be a force of good with Ecologi Zero, the free and easy-to -use carbon footprinting tool for small and medium sized enterprises. Sign up

What is net Zero?

In a nutshell, the concept of ‘net-zero’ refers to humanity collectively achieving a balance of greenhouse gas reductions (and removal) with greenhouse gas emissions, where the overall net emissions are zero.

That overarching concept of net-zero aligns with the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5C. To achieve this, businesses need to take the following steps.

Step 1: Calculate your initial carbon footprint with Ecologi Zero

Step 2: From there, you’ll be able to make plans towards the goal of reducing your business’s emissions by 90% by 2050

Step 3: Fund climate action to restore and protect our planet (vital to keeping global warming below 1.5°C)

Step 4: Finally, neutralise any emissions you can’t avoid by funding projects that remove carbon directly from the atmosphere

Ecologi Zero makes net-zero viable.

Ecologi Zero lets you easily calculate your business’s carbon footprint – for free. The Ecologi Zero app uses your Xero data to show you exactly where you are on your carbon reduction journey and help you chart the course toward your eventual net-zero goal.

  • Calculates your carbon footprint at no cost to your business
  • Requires no expertise or experience
  • Connects seamlessly with Xero accounting software to calculate from your own business data
  • Reveals the emissions generated in your supply chain (which can account for up to 90% of your business’s total emissions)
  • Lets you effortlessly fund climate solutions as you go – and then easily show your business positive climate impact to your employees and customers through your Ecologi profile

If you would like to learn more about Ecologi please visit: https://www.ecologi.com or contact us: https://accuratusgreenpayroll.co.uk/#contact

We’re here to help.

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“Our people matter, with us there is more than just pay, we go further to offer the right advice with added benefits and rewards, together with our ongoing commitment to the environment”

Michael Chambers CEO and founder Accuratus Green Ltd

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