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Introducing Nigel Chambers

As our newest addition to the Accuratus Green Payroll family, Nigel Chambers, settles in to his role as Managing Director, we thought it was about time we made our introductions…

Introducing Nigel Chambers

Q1. Your vision for Accuratus Green Ltd? (short term/long term)

Work Hard.

Q2. Strengths and Goal of AG? ( as you see them)

Our team. You are only as good as your weakest member of the team.

 Q3. Who has inspired you professionally?

Self-taught. To be very good at Sales you can’t learn all of it from a book, it comes from within!

Q4. If you don’t see results, how do you help motivate other people?

Simple! You listen and understand them. We are all very complex.

Q5. You have had a very successful career in sales – What has been your greatest achievement and why?

With help I made Remus Rewards from an unknown to number one in the contractor industry.

Q6. How would you best describe yourself?

 Complex and personable!

With Nigel at the helm, we look forward to the organic growth of Accuratus Green Payroll, rooted in a commitment to both environmental consciousness and unparalleled client services.

We’re here to help you in 2024 and beyond.

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“Our people matter, with us there is more than just pay, we go further to offer the right advice with added benefits and rewards, together with our ongoing commitment to the environment”

Michael Chambers CEO and founder Accuratus Green Ltd

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