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It’s easier than you think!

Just as your physical and mental health are important, so is your financial health. We recommend you do a financial health check (even if it’s a quick a review of your finances) on a six monthly basis, to help you better understand how you are managing your money and whether you are on track to achieve any financial goals that you have set – and if not, where changes need to be made.

Why not get started today? It’s easier than you think.

When starting to review your finances, it’s helpful to assess the following areas:

  • Spending habits – Take a moment to complete a budget planner. There are plenty free online ones around if you do not wish to create your own. Here’s one we found: online budget planner.
  • Saving habits – find ways to save money daily (review your utility bills and broadband supplier) are you paying too much for media, gym or other subscriptions you never got around to cancelling? We can also help with our Rewards and Benefits package
  • Debts – Next, take a look at how can you start to reduce your debts? Could you consolidate them or move them to take advantage of better repayment rates? Maybe speak to your suppliers and set up a more achievable repayment plan?
  • Pension savings – what have you in place for retirement planning? Haven’t started well todays the day! Perhaps check out our pension scheme, we’d be happy to talk you through it: contact us here.  If you already have something in place, would it be worth consolidating multiple policies and/or changing the amount you pay in?
  • Financial goals – this can be anything from saving to get on the property ladder to your dream holiday or preparing for big life changes like retirement. If you plan early enough your goals become more achievable. It’s never too early to think about next Christmas either!

After you have completed your financial health check it is good to maintain your good financial health. This will help you stay in control of your finances, ensure your goals are on the right track and give you peace of mind.

 Here’s a summary reminder of our tips:

  • Keep an eye on your spending.
  • Regularly cancel subscriptions you no longer use.
  • If you can pay of debt on credit cards / loans or reduce significantly; Until you are able to do so – consider 0% interest on credit cards.
  • Keep your financial goals in mind.
  • Check your credit score (make sure your details are correct) this is very important if you are planning on applying for a mortgage.
  • Transfer money to a savings account as soon as you are paid (you’ll find it reduces your temptation to spend).
  • Aim to build up an emergency fund of at least three to six months’ worth of essential outgoings. If you aren’t quite there, we can help with Advance Pay – contact us here for more information.
  • Consider speaking to a Financial Advisor.

Finally,  for contractors who are our employees, we provide full time employment status and if they change agencies, in accordance with HMRC rules they do not have to move Umbrella companies, which is a great plus if they are looking to apply for a mortgage or any type of borrowing, also knowing that your salary is taken care of accurately and on time will help you budget and with the correct Tax and NI deductions there should be no surprises from the tax office for owed payments. Contact us here

Lastly, have fun with it. It’s all about taking back control of the life you want to live. The greater the savings, the greater the rewards. You deserve it. 

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Michael Chambers CEO and founder Accuratus Green Ltd

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