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Our tips to overcome “Blue Monday”

Blue Monday, known as the gloomiest day of the year, hits everyone hard, especially contractors and those doing shift work.

But all is not lost! Here are our practical tips to stay upbeat and cast a ray of sunshine through the clouds.

Breathe and reset

One quick (and free!) way to breathe – we mean breathe properly. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out. Do this whenever you get the opportunity to destress and focus your mind on prioritising tasks and keeping a positive.

Start with a smile

Contractors, especially those working independently or doing shift work, may feel isolated and lonely. Combat loneliness by simply smiling and making eye contact and, if it feels right, start a conversation. There’s nothing more powerful than human connection. Not ready to speak to strangers? Then give a friend or family member a call. It will help brighten their day too.

Take control

With the expensive Christmas season over the January pay day seems distant. Ease the burden by creating a budget and financial plan for the year. Set realistic goals, prioritise essential expenses, and explore ways to save money. Also, ask if your payroll provider offers advance pay (we do) and that can help ease you in to the new year.

This too shall pass

While Blue Monday may seem to cast a shadow, it is but one day. Tomorrow is a new day. Start tomorrow with a positive mindset and proactive approach by focusing on taking control and prioritising self-care – you’re worth it.

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