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Our Tips to Help You Keep Warm This Winter

Staying warm during the winter whilst keeping energy bills manageable is a common concern. Here are our tips to help you stay warm without significantly increasing your energy costs:

  •  Create a Cosy Nest: Wrap yourself in a comfy sweater and set your thermostat to a snug but reasonable temperature. A few degrees lower won’t just save energy, it’ll keep you cosy too.
  • Smart Thermostats are Your Friend: Think of a programmable thermostat as your personal temperature butler. It adjusts to your routine, lowering the heat when you’re away or tucked in bed, and warming things up when you’re around.
  • Fashion Forward and Warm: Embrace the layered look indoors! Throw on your favourite sweaters, wrap up in blankets, and turn your home into a warm and snug sanctuary.
  • Say Goodbye to Drafts: Be on the lookout for sneaky drafts around windows and doors. A bit of weatherstripping or caulking can work wonders in keeping the cold outside.
  • Door Drafts, Meet Your Match: Introduce draft stoppers to your doors—they’re like little superheroes that keep chilly air at bay. You can buy them or make your own from cosy fabrics.
  • Windows Need Love Too: Give your windows a winter wardrobe with thermal curtains or extra layers. It’s like giving them a warm, fuzzy hug.
  • Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Cold: Open those curtains during the day and let the sunlight work its magic. It’s free, it’s warm, and it adds a touch of natural cosiness.
  • Bedding Bliss: Snuggle under warm blankets and comforters at night. It’s like being wrapped in a cloud, and you can turn down the thermostat a notch.
  • Cosy Spaces, Not Whole Places: If you’re using space heaters, think targeted warmth. Focus on the rooms you’re in the most and remember to play it safe.
  • Heater Love: Show your heating system some TLC with regular check-ups. Clean filters, fix issues promptly, and let your system run at its cosy best.
  • Cook Up Some Warmth: Use your oven for cooking and let the delicious warmth spread. Bonus: your home will smell amazing.
  • Light Up Your Life: Swap out those old bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs. They’re not just eco-friendly; they also give off a warmer light.
  • Zone in for Comfort: If possible, zone heating is the way to go. Why heat the whole house when you can focus on where you are?
  • Energy-Efficient Habits: Power down when you’re not using things. Unplug chargers, turn off lights—little changes can add up to cosy savings.
  • Move and Groove: Get moving! Physical activity generates warmth, so dance, do some yoga, or simply stroll around to stay toasty.

Now, go ahead and enjoy your cosy winter wonderland!

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