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Meet Millie Our Office Bundle of Joy…

With so many people working from home and office’s seeing the benefits of having animals for work productivity and improving mental health, I’d like to introduce you to Millie. She is our lovely Accuratus Green puppy; a Tibetan terrier, who is wonderful, if a little mischievous at times and extremely curious! 

Like so many others in recent years I had never considered owning a dog due to work commitments and being completely office based (much to my daughter’s dismay when she was little). Now things have changed and Millie is welcome in the office and the opportunity to work from home has become more accessible meaning that I can fulfil all of Millie’s needs whilst working. It doesn’t hurt that she brings everyone in our office such joy either!

Although “late to the party” I have now become a fully-fledged obsessed “fur baby” owner – a title I would have never seen myself having. What I have found is that Millie has lead me to have so many human interactions and connections with other dog owners. I find myself having all sorts of dog related discussions on our daily walks!

Almost two years in, Millie makes the perfect work companion. When I am working she lies under my chair or next to me and is a perfect angel when I’m on my work calls and Zoom meetings.

From the first moment that I saw Millie we connected – it’ almost like she put a spell on me and I am in love. It’s not only us here at Accuratus Green that are dog lovers I’ve read George Clooney has recently brought a St Bernard puppy for his wife Amal’s birthday to add to his rescue basset hound also called Millie, so I think we are in good company!

I’d love to see pictures of your loved fur babies. Please share them with me: LinkedIn: Teresa Gradziel or Instagram: Teresa Gradziel

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Article written by Teresa Gradziel, Marketing Director at Accuratus Green Payroll 

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