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Managing Your Boundaries

We know it’s hard for contractors to manage boundaries – especially during the festive season. However is crucial to maintain work-life balance and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Here are our tips on setting boundaries for time management during the holidays and beyond (we know you know them but now’s the time to start doing them – you’re worth it):

Communicate Expectations:

Clearly communicate your availability to clients, and team members well in advance. Set expectations regarding your working hours and response times during the holiday period.

Plan in Advance:

Plan your work schedule for the holiday season in advance, taking into account any deadlines or critical tasks. Prioritise tasks and focus on essential projects, allowing yourself to complete necessary work without feeling overwhelmed.

Establish Working Hours:

Set specific working hours during the holiday season and communicate them to your clients and team. Avoid overcommitting to work outside of these hours to preserve personal time.

Use Out-of-Office Messages:

Use your out-of-office email replies to inform clients and colleagues about your availability. Include alternative contacts or information on when they can expect a response.

Delegate or Outsource:

Consider delegating tasks or outsourcing certain responsibilities to ensure essential work is covered while you take time off. Maybe collaborate with fellow contractors or freelancers to provide mutual support during the holidays.

Set Boundaries with Technology:

This is a hard one but by establishing boundaries for using work-related technology during personal time can really make a difference. Turn off work notifications on your phone or computer during designated off-hours to minimise distractions.

Take Breaks:

Schedule regular breaks to step away from work and refresh your mind. Use breaks to engage in holiday activities, spend time with loved ones and recharge.

Learn to Say No:

We’ve said it before but be realistic about your capacity and avoid overcommitting to projects or additional tasks during the holiday season. Politely decline new work that may interfere with your planned time off.

Look After Yourself:

Recognise the importance of self-care during the holidays. Make time for activities that bring you joy, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Reflect on Boundaries:

After the holiday season, reflect on the effectiveness of the boundaries you set. Consider adjustments for future holiday periods based on your experiences.

We know its hard, especially when you feel the responsibility is all on your shoulders. Be strict with yourself you really can strike a balance between fulfilling work commitments and enjoying a well-deserved breaks during the Festive season and throughout the new year.

You’ve got this.

We’re here to help.

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