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How to Globally Network from Behind Your Laptop

As I leave my home at 6:30am on a very wet Wednesday morning and make my way into central London (for a breakfast meeting hosted by LinkedIn guru Sarah Clay at Home Grown Club) I wish that I could have had an extra hour in bed but I am so very excited to see what she has to say that it is well worth the early start in the rain.

So what did I learn? I love the way Sarah immediately got us all to engage with each other to demonstrate how natural it is to interact and how we can use these behaviours on LinkedIn the same as we behave in everyday life; but from behind your laptop;

Followed by some very valuable tips:

Firstly, make sure that your profile is well written, and you stand out from the crowd, include your USP. Remember that there is a lot of competition out there. Going forward, LinkedIn will now show all your competitors beside your profile and you will no longer be able to hide them. so this first step has become even more pressing to stand out and separate yourself from your competitors.

Be selective and strategic in the people that you connect with, it is not just about having the highest number of followers, but more meaningful connections, sometimes less could be more, but of course it depends on the type of business you are in.

Then we have the 4 C’s:

1) Compliment a post e.g. I really like this post, congratulations etc.

2) Comment on the post, find something that resonates with you e.g. add value, professional view point or ask for clarity.

3) Conversation, always respond to any comments received to your posts and start to build that rapport. 

4) Connect, you are now ready to send a connect request.

And finally share something personal like; what you did at the weekend, introduce your pet, anything that will engage your network. People love stories and remember it is ok to have a bad day and share on LinkedIn– who knows how it could open-up the conversation and increase your network.

I am thrilled to say a very big Thank you to Sarah and for her exceptional session and insightful content which also provided the perfect opportunity to connect and meet other wonderful individuals.

Hope to see you soon on LinkedIn or Home Grown Club

Blog written by Teresa Gradziel, Marketing Director at Accuratus Green Payroll:  LinkedIn: Teresa Gradziel . Instagram: Teresa Gradziel

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