We recognise the distinctive demands of all industry contractors and, in particular, the healthcare sector. 

Our commitment extends beyond conventional services; we understand the importance of same-day pay to healthcare professionals and prioritise personalised customer service to ensure your financial well-being.

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Refreshingly Simple Umbrella Payroll Services

No set up fee.  No joining fees. No hidden charges.


Our contractors are assigned a personal account manager;  your single point of contact to guide and support you.


A member of our team will take some details over the phone, and you’ll be able to complete your registration form and accept your contract via email. All within 20 minutes.


Reduce the risk of being placed on emergency tax by HMRC when changing agencies. Having one (umbrella) employer makes mortgage and credit agreements easier to secure.


Feel secure. With constant changes to legislation and HMRC, we have simplified the whole payroll process and are fully compliant. We are diligent in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).


Access thousands of high street discounts across the UK. Upgrade to AG Gold Club Plus+  and receive; fuel card,  discounted gym membership, health and wellbeing support, 24/7 GP Helpline and much more.

“Our people matter. We offer more than just payroll.

We go further to offer the right advice with added benefits and rewards, together with our ongoing commitment to the environment”

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What is an umbrella company?

Umbrella companies are businesses that take on agency workers and other types of temporary workers as their own employees with continuous contracts of employment. Their sole purpose is to employ people like you (often called ‘contractors’). To meet the rules to be a ‘continuous’ employment.

Why have I been told to use an Umbrella Company?

Historically, if you found work through an agency, they would normally deal with your pay themselves. However, these days, agencies prefer not to do this as it saves them time and money and means they can concentrate on matching workers with available work. As such, they usually suggest that people use an umbrella company.

Because the umbrella company becomes your employer, they will deal with your pay and other employer obligations instead of the agency. This includes paying you your wages with tax and National Insurance (NIC) deducted as required by the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) system.

What are my Employment rights if I use an Umbrella Company?

You are an employee of the umbrella company and so have the same rights as any other employed person. These include the right to be paid the minimum wage, the right to paid holiday, the right to be auto enrolled into a pension (if you meet the relevant criteria) and to statutory benefits such as sick pay and maternity pay (provided you meet the relevant criteria). You can find more information about employee rights on GOV.UK.

It is worth noting that as an agency worker, you would get the main employment rights even if you did not work through an umbrella company. Working through an umbrella company can be beneficial in other ways, however. For example, it can provide a continuous payroll link from one assignment to the next, preventing problems like ‘emergency’ tax when you start a new assignment through a new agency. Sometimes they also provide things like shopping discounts and an online portal where you can track your pay.

Do the Agency Workers Regulations still apply?

Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) mean that agency workers should receive equal treatment compared to the end client’s own employees.

Umbrella company employees are still classed as agency workers for the purposes of AWR. For example, you should be allowed to use any shared facilities (e.g. a staff canteen or childcare) from the first day you work in an assignment location.

After 12 weeks’ continuous employment in the same role, you should get the same terms and conditions as the end client’s own employees, including pay and any annual leave above the minimum 28 days required by law (more on this later).

There are rules in place which mean that your assignment cannot just be stopped as you get near 12 weeks of continuous work.

You can find out more about AWR on the ACAS website.

There are lots of umbrella companies out there and the marketplace is very competitive.

All umbrella companies should apply the same tax and employment law rules (although their margins may differ) and therefore what you are offered should broadly be the same from one umbrella company to the next.

Any umbrella company that appears to offer higher than expected take home pay should be avoided as it is likely that they are doing something that is just not right.


Our solutions are all HMRC compliant, and we are specialists in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).

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