Small Changes make a Big Difference 

We love our planet and so have teamed up with Ecologi to ensure we do our part. Our philosophy of being green expands to transparency and good business ethics.

We chose Ecologi due to their charity practicies, monitored progress and as they do not profit from any donations or collaborations.

Our donations go to our chosen effort to restore our planet together by planting trees in the most needed areas of the world.

We have committed to a monthly donation is based on the number of employees we have on our payroll.

Low Footprint

As a business, we hold a very low carbon footprint since eliminating unnecessary office space, utilities, and energy such as printers. We encourage everyone to try reducing their carbon emissions and pick their preferred method to offset. Have a go… Measure My Footprint.

Pay as you Plant

We encourage everyone to take part, without any subscriptions or commitment; you can pay as you go! Learn more.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make the difference”

Nelson Mandela