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Umbrella and Payroll Solutions

Working with Accuratus Green allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of employment whilst still maintaining the freedom of contracting.

No set up fee.  No joining fees. No hidden charges.


With constant changes to legislation and HMRC, we have simplified the whole process. Whether you’re a contractor, part time or freelance, or a limited company, AG can help guide you to gain the most benefits and rewards for you and your family.

Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing your business is fully compliant, ensure payroll is accurate, on time, calculating net pay, tax, pensions and other deductions, always taking into consideration your needs and requirements.

Experienced Team

AG take control of all aspects of payroll, HMRC returns, pensions, PAYE and so on.

We can help by processing hundreds of payslips a week; our team is dedicated to ensuring swift action and precision.


Accessible & Friendly

I have been with Accuratus Green umbrella company for some time and I haven’t had any cause to worry.

They are efficient in service delivery and the staff are accessible and friendly.

I highly recommend Accuratus Green.



Clear Explanation & Prompt

Kerry at Accuratus Green had an excellent approach to our conversation over the phone, she speaks clearly and I am able to understand her guidance on the AG system and how it works. Clear explanation via email with the illustrations of the pay example. Kerry is prompt to act on my request and further queries.

Thank you Kerry for being so professional to work with.



Just Awesome

Honestly I was so desperate for a payroll company then while on a shift I mentioned it to fellow nurse and she told me Sarah from Accuratus Green will sort it. I was so adamant when I was making the call because of previous disappointments but I was amazed at how friendly Sarah was on the phone. We even had a giggle.

She explained the process and I won’t even lie to you the set up was like in a blink of the eye. In less than 3 hours I was all set up. Sarah is just awesome, she answers all your queries and makes you feel at ease. I have been trying to get nurses already to join Accuratus Green.

Thank you Sarah for being so efficient. I highly appreciate you.

SN Pauline Mohammed


You Won't Be Dissapointed

I recently signed up with Accuratus Green and I am impressed by the quality, professionalism and efficiency of the service provided. After multiple experiences with different umbrella companies, I highly recommend you to give them a call. You won’t be disappointed .

A N, Cambridge.


Fast Payments

I have been with a Accuratus Green for 6 months now, I have always struggled with finding the right company to deal with my payments! Sarah is lovely can’t do enough; quick and efficient payments come through fast. No concerns.

Danielle Harrison

Helpful & Efficient

I would be happy to recommend Accuratus Green Payroll Ltd to any business or individual looking for friendly and professional umbrella services. They are very helpful and efficient. Thank you

Sajitha Menon

Stress Free Service

Easy registration and setup.

Responses to my queries always in a timely manner.

Thank you for making this a stress free service:)

Jacqueline (Nurse)

exceptionally brilliant

Ever since I joined Accuratus, Sarah I must say you have been exceptionally brilliant and very professional. I feel so valued as a customer. I have always received my pay on time. Thank you for your prompt reply to pay enquiries. Thank you for your high professional standards. 

Themba Mudimu


I would just like to say a big thank you to Sarah from Accuratus Green.

Sarah has always been helpful and I have always received my payments on time. I would most definitely recommend this company, and look forward again to working with them in the future.



I have been using Accuratus Green Ltd for approx 6 weeks now and I have to see by far the best service I have had the pleasure to utilize in general. I have been assigned my own officer, Sarah.

Sarah has been thorough and thoughtful and regularly keeps me updated throughout the month. Sarah’s approach is both humane and professional and always on the end of the phone to offer on the spot advice and ready to answer any questions needed.

Dan Price

thoroughly recommend

I have never encountered a problem whilst using this service and my mind is always put at ease quickly if any concerns were to arise.

I will thoroughly recommend this service to everyone concerned. You would be very grateful for the friendly updates and advice and that as an individual you are valued and dealt with respect always. I would like to thank Sarah personally for her friendly diligence and her professionalism to effectively provide a brilliant service.

Thank you Accuratus and particularly importantly a huge thank you to Sarah.

Dan Price

So Fast and Efficient

Couldn’t be more happy with the services provided by accuratus green. An massive thank you for Sarah. Never had an  umbrella that pays so fast and efficient like Accuratus Green . Definitely looking into working with Accuratus Green for many years.

Rui Andre de sa Ferreira

Effective & Professional

I want to say a big thank you. I am amazed with you and your company. Very effective and professional. Thanks again.”


People are at the heart of our business

Why Accuratus Green?

 Accurate, Careful, Exact

We deliberately chose the name Accuratus Green, as it sums up how meticulous and exact, we are accurate in our dealings and carefully perform and prepare. You can rest assured that by becoming our employee you will be well taken care of this is our commitment to you.

Our Priorities

Following years in the umbrella and financial services industry we wanted to change. More specifically the way people work and are rewarded. We make you our priority to meet all your payroll solutions, as well as our ongoing commitment to the environment.

Our Approach

Refreshingly, simple payroll and contracting solutions. Whether you are an agency looking for the best way to pay your contractors, or a contractor looking for the best way to get paid look no further. We are currently looking at various accreditation bodies as we appreciate the importance of their compliance checks and confidence, It is also equally important that it is the right one! especially as some of the  more well-known “accreditation bodies” have issues with HMRC and non-compliant payroll solutions.

Our Delivery

With our quality products, commitment to compliance and high levels of service, you’ve come to the right place. With many years’ experience in the umbrella and financial services we know what is important and how to meet your needs whatever the circumstances and ensure that payments are made accurately and promptly, we even offer advance pay if you find yourself a bit short. That is why our products and processes are easy to use, efficient and robust.

Working With Us

Although many agencies and recruiters charge both the client and worker a fee, we do not. Nor do we work with agencies who do. We believe in ‘Green’ encompassing its meaning. Accuratus Green  (AG) will support ethical work and its approach and try to promote and support them however we can. We are the first umbrella company to be supporting the Green Sector, as a business, we hold a very low carbon footprint and we encourage everyone to try reducing their carbon emissions.

No set up fee.  No joining fees. No hidden charges.

“Our people matter, with us there is more than just pay, we go further to offer the right advice with added benefits and rewards, together with our ongoing commitment to the environment”

Michael Chambers CEO and founder Accuratus Green Ltd

key features

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Please contact our office for details.

Sign-up Quick and Easy

A member of our on-boarding team will take some details over the phone, and you’ll be able to complete your registration form and accept your contract via email. All within 20 minutes.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have a single point of contact within the business, and they will be there to support you directly, this is unique as most umbrella companies only have a general customer service department.

Fast Payments

Unlike other Umbrella companies, we run payrolls every weekday, and process all payments as faster payments, this saves you having to wait to get paid.

Advance Pay

If you’re a little short one week, let us know and we’ll advance your wages the same day. No fee, charge or interest.

Continuous Employment

Your tax code will be more stable than if you were getting paid by a different recruitment agency for each new assignment, which will reduce the risk of being placed on emergency tax by HMRC. Having one employer will also make mortgage and credit agreements easier to secure.

Benefits & Rewards

With our AG Gold club you will have access to thousands of high street discounts across the UK, from grocery shopping to cinema tickets,  and as part of our AG Gold Club Plus+  fuel card,  discounted gym membership, health and wellbeing support, 24/7 GP Helpline and much more.


Our solutions are all HMRC compliant, and we are diligent in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).

20 Million Insurance Cover

£10,000,000 Employer’s Liability, £5,000,000 Public Liability, and £5,000,000 Professional Indemnity.

Charity Donations

In line with our Green policy AG donate £1 for every employee that we process monthly to plant trees with Ecologi.


Whilst we offer our payroll services to a multitude of professional contractors with a wide range of skills, we have over the last few years been extremely successful in our partnerships with agencies specialising in medical and legal professions.

Seamless sign-up process

Favourable payment terms.

Recognised customer service.

Wide range of benefits and rewards.

Same-day or advance salary requests.

All this and our unique ability to deliver last minute changes or requests, makes us your perfect payroll partner.


Working through an umbrella company

Umbrella companies can be confusing, often they aren’t very transparent about what they do, but there is also a lot of misinformation, even the ones that take the welfare of their workers very seriously.

Here we give you some clear and independent information to help you understand more about working through an umbrella company and some tips on what to look out for so you can avoid any problems.

What is an umbrella company?

Umbrella companies are businesses that take on agency workers and other types of temporary workers as their own employees with continuous contracts of employment. Their sole purpose is to employ people like you (often called ‘contractors’). To meet the rules to be a ‘continuous’ employment.

Why have I been told to use an Umbrella Company?

Historically, if you found work through an agency, they would normally deal with your pay themselves. However, these days, agencies prefer not to do this as it saves them time and money and means they can concentrate on matching workers with available work. As such, they usually suggest that people use an umbrella company.

Because the umbrella company becomes your employer, they will deal with your pay and other employer obligations instead of the agency. This includes paying you your wages with tax and National Insurance (NIC) deducted as required by the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) system.

What are my Employment rights if I use an Umbrella Company?

You are an employee of the umbrella company and so have the same rights as any other employed person. These include the right to be paid the minimum wage, the right to paid holiday, the right to be auto enrolled into a pension (if you meet the relevant criteria) and to statutory benefits such as sick pay and maternity pay (provided you meet the relevant criteria). You can find more information about employee rights on GOV.UK.

It is worth noting that as an agency worker, you would get the main employment rights even if you did not work through an umbrella company. Working through an umbrella company can be beneficial in other ways, however. For example, it can provide a continuous payroll link from one assignment to the next, preventing problems like ‘emergency’ tax when you start a new assignment through a new agency. Sometimes they also provide things like shopping discounts and an online portal where you can track your pay.

Do the Agency Workers Regulations still apply?

Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) mean that agency workers should receive equal treatment compared to the end client’s own employees. Umbrella company employees are still classed as agency workers for the purposes of AWR. For example, you should be allowed to use any shared facilities (e.g. a staff canteen or childcare) from the first day you work in an assignment location. After 12 weeks’ continuous employment in the same role, you should get the same terms and conditions as the end client’s own employees, including pay and any annual leave above the minimum 28 days required by law (more on this later). There are rules in place which mean that your assignment cannot just be stopped as you get near 12 weeks of continuous work. You can find out more about AWR on the ACAS website.
There are lots of umbrella companies out there and the marketplace is very competitive. All umbrella companies should apply the same tax and employment law rules (although their margins may differ) and therefore what you are offered should broadly be the same from one umbrella company to the next. Any umbrella company that appears to offer higher than expected take home pay should be avoided as it is likely that they are doing something that is just not right.


Our solutions are all HMRC compliant, and we are specialists in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).


A member of our on-boarding team will take some details over the phone, and you’ll be able to complete your registration form and accept your contract via email. All within 20 minutes.

Fast Payment

We run payrolls every weekday, and process all payments as faster payments.

Pay Advances

Get paid when you finish the job, hours, or contract without waiting until payday.

Our advanced payment service gives you access to your wages ahead of pay day. The process is automated, very simple, and you can have your money in your account within 5 minutes.

This is not a loan. There is no interest charged. We want to help you have access to your money, when you need it most.

Travel and Expenses

If you’re not under Supervision, Direction or Control on your assignment, you’ll be eligible for travel & subsistence expenses.


We have arranged a comprehensive insurance package:

£10,000,000 Employer’s Liability, £5,000,000 Public

Liability, and £5,000,000 Professional Indemnity.

Professional Advice, Trusted Service.


Tailored Approach

Accuratus Green (AG) provides a comprehensive range of compliant payroll solutions which are tailored to your individual needs. We understand that every agency has its own requirements; and we will work around your requirements to ensure that we can save you time and money and give you the peace of mind that your workers are paid accurately and on time.


The Criminal Finances Act makes recruiters criminally responsible to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. Agencies with AG can be assured that there will be no tax evasion in the supply chain as we deduct all tax deductions required at source.


Our solutions are all HMRC compliant, and we are specialists in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).

Rewards and Benefits

Our rewards and benefits scheme, the AG Gold Club, offers our contractors thousands of consumer rewards and unlimited savings from a long list of retailers. Including online shopping discounts, instore vouchers, reloadable cards and cashback, we help contractors save money every week!

Contractor Healthcare Plan

As part of our AG Gold Club Plus feature  we offer24/7 GP helpline, diagnostic scans, dental cover, optical cover, physiotherapy cover and more!

Advance Payment Service

Our Advance Payment Service allows contractors an advance on their wages as soon as they’ve completed their hours.


Tailored Margins & Processes

We work with you to identify the best working practices, and tailor our margins to suit you and your contractors.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Employers Liability, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity, including drivers through our Drivers Negligence Insurance (DNI).

Quick and Easy Registration Process

All we need is your contractor’s name and contact number, and we’ll do the rest.

Consolidated Invoicing

One invoice to pay all workers, fast and simple.


Contractors can view payslips, request holiday pay on our smartphone, tablet and desktop friendly portal.


We are UK based.

Your Compliance in our Hands



HMRC introduced the “Intermediaries Legislation”, that became known as IR35 in the 2000 budget.

The legislation was introduced to combat ‘disguised employees’. This refers to an individual who would be treated as an employee were it not for the fact that they provide their services via their own personal service company and paying less tax in the process.

Contractors working via limited companies are not liable to pay NICs on income taken as dividends, resulting technically in a revenue loss to the Treasury. As a result of this, IR35 exists to enforce proper working practices.


To determine whether an individual is caught by IR35, HMRC will look at both the written contract between the limited company and the agency/end client along with the actual working practices.

In the event of an IR35 enquiry, the working practices will always tend to carry more weight than the written terms themselves.

If a compliant contract is in place, it is crucial that the actual working arrangements mirror the written terms. HMRC will seek clarification of a contractor’s working practices directly from their end client. It is vital that this process is carefully managed.

What Factors Are Considered when Deciding IR35?

The key factors considered when deciding IR35 status are: the extent and degree of control exercised by the client over the worker, the worker’s right to engage helpers or substitutes, mutuality of obligations between the worker and the client, financial risk of the worker, provision of equipment, basis of payment of the worker, personal factors, the existence of employee rights, termination of the contract, whether the worker is part and parcel of the client’s organisation, exclusive services and mutual intention.

This list is not exhaustive and case law shows not to treat this as a checklist to run through mechanically.

Instead, there are the factors that go towards painting the picture, whose overall effect must be evaluated.

being green

Making a Difference

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make the difference” Nelson Mandela

How making small changes can make a BIG difference. 

It can be overwhelming thinking about the damage we, as humans, have done to our planet, and continue to do, and many people think that they can’t make a difference. The truth is that one person making a change does make a difference, and a significant one at that. The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year.

Each person in the UK throws away their own weight in rubbish every 7 weeks.
If just one household halved the amount, they threw away every year that’s half a tonne less going to landfill. If every household in the UK halved the amount that’s 13-14 million tonnes less rubbish every year.

Making a few small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas for you to consider; Buy less stuff; Buy secondhand; Support local businesses; Refuse plastic when buying fruit and vegetables; Stop Mowing your lawn; Don’t drive if you can walk; Pick-up litter; Stop buying bottled water; Request experiences or time as gifts; Eat less meat and dairy.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” John F Kennedy

Low Footprint

As a business, we hold a very low carbon footprint since eliminating unnecessary office space, utilities, and energy such as printers. We encourage everyone to try reducing their carbon emissions and pick their preferred method to offset. Have a go… Measure My Footprint.

Pay as you Plant

We encourage everyone to take part, without any subscriptions or commitment; you can pay as you go! Learn more.


 We have teamed up with Ecologi to ensure we do our part. Our philosophy of being green expands to transparency and good business ethics. Through careful due diligence and research into the practices of charities, we have focused on Ecologi who do not profit from any donations or collaborations and progress is monitored. Proceeds go to our chosen effort to restore our planet together by planting trees in the most needed areas of the world. Our  monthly donation is based on the number of employees we have on our payroll, this is our commitment.

““Reforestation: It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse.””



Because our people matter to us we have introduced the AG Gold Club and AG Gold Club Plus+ especially for our employees and contractors.

View all our reward packages in our downloadable brochure.

Welcome to the AG GOLD CLUB...

As you are our valued employee we are excited to give you our much improved and exclusively available to AG, benefits and rewards programme, where you can discover even more fantastic discounts at your favourite retailers, plus a huge new range of tools, content and information to help you save money and support your wellbeing and best of all this is free of charge, a gift from us to you.

At the core of AG Gold Club are our fantastic range of shopping discounts and cashback opportunities which help your money go much further. With access to a range of discounts, covering high street retailers, supermarkets, online stores and instant discounted cinema tickets, you can save on every pound spent.

We even have a fuel card enabling savings on fuel purchases made at over 1,200 forecourts throughout the UK.

Easy to access and simple to use, login with your AG GOLD CLUB password which we will provide as part of your onboarding.

We also offer the unique AG Gold Club Plus+ with even more tailored benefits and perks for you and your families.

Click below to view all our  benefits.


Immediate access to Counselling, Legal, Financial Advice, and Health and Wellbeing Support to help you work through life’s challenges.


Balancing the pressures of work with the needs of home and personal life can be stressful. AG Gold Club+ health and wellbeing support service, delivered by Health Assured, will help our employees and contractors with problems that might adversely impact work performance, life, health, and wellbeing.

Whether it’s legal issues, financial problems, stressful situations relating to family or a physical or emotional health concern, our employees and contractors have access to a range of support services as well as an in-house team of expert counsellors and advisor.


• The Health e-hub app and online portal
• 24-hour helpline
• Face-to-face and telephone counselling sessions: contractors can work through their problems with a therapist accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in a private and confidential setting.
• Our Employees also get access to: a Health Risk Assessment, Online CBT, Four Week Programmes, Wellbeing videos, Medical Information, Webinars and more.


Make Incredible Savings of up to 20 pence per litre at over 1,200 BP Fuel stations across the UK with BP Plus Fuel Card. 


The BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees low prices by offering you access to the wholesale price for unleaded and diesel fuel at BP service stations.

BP are the largest operator of motorway service stations in the UK where our employees and contractors can make savings over 20 pence per litre. Plus, as BP have an extensive station network, you won’t have to travel far to use your card either.

Simply use the card to pay and start saving.



• Guaranteed low prices every week

• Pay using the BP Plus Fuel Card up to two weeks credit

• Network locator feature to show the nearest BP service station

• Simple online application process with paperless direct debit set up

• Weekly statement of fuel purchased to help manage finance.


We help you save money and stay active with discounted memberships at over 3,500 gyms across the UK.


Accuratus Green employees and contractors can save money on memberships at over 3,500 health, fitness and leisure clubs across the UK with My Gym Discount

From the main UK chains, to leisure centres, budget gyms and independent clubs, you can keep fit and healthy at a discounted rate.


• Discounts are provided by Incorpore, a leading fitness and wellness company who serve over 6 million people
• You can save up to 25% at thousands of gyms and leisure facilities
• Over 3,500 participating gyms, health clubs and bootcamps across the UK including Nuffield Health, Anytime Fitness, PureGym, Virgin Active and many more
• Postcode search feature so contractors can find a gym near their home or work

• Lots of flexible membership terms
• Discounts available for contractors’ partners too.


We give you peace of mind about your health with access to a 24/7 GP helpline.


Waiting for an appointment with your GP can be incredibly stressful for contractors, especially when  you  have to fit it around a busy schedules. But there is a solution.

The 24/7 GP helpline provides our employees and contractors with round the clock access to a qualified GP via a telephone helpline where GPs can provide advice, reassurance or guidance on a wealth of medical matters, at a time to suit you.

Our employees and contractors can also book in virtual face-to-face consultations with a GP, to get a more in-depth and specific diagnosis in the comfort of their own home or while at work. An electronic private prescription service is also available, authorised by a doctor and delivered directly to the contractor.


  • * 24/7 access to a team of 200 UK-based, NHS registered, practicing GPs
  • * Employees can be on the phone as long as they like
  • * Online face-to-face eConsultation service available 08:30 – 22:30
  • * No limit to the number of times employees can use the service
  • * Online chat feature also available
  • * Electronic Private prescription service
  • * Health information service
  • * Contractors’ children and partners also get access.

We hope you are just as excited as we were putting this package together for you and your families benefit and all at cost of £1.50  per week (which works out less than 22p per day) which is deducted  directly from your salary, so you don’t even have to do anything.

Sign-up here and we will do the rest to ensure your membership and improve your life.

Once signed up, click on the button below to access all your benefits and rewards.

Here to Support You

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